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Hi, welcome to my page

I make time for my clients and understand their challenges prior to a coaching session. Witnessing a client achieve a milestone, whether it is successfully overcoming a fear of interviewing, gaining confidence in a leadership position, or managing work-related stress, is the most rewarding aspect of coaching for me.

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My Story

It has been a significant journey for me to get to become a relational coach. I had worked as a senior leader in the Information Technology sector, progressing from a junior to a director-level position. Throughout the decade, I encountered numerous challenges both professionally and personally. Balancing my responsibilities as a working mother to three children while advancing professionally hasn't been easy.

In my pursuit to manage these challenges, I developed strategies that aided me and decided to pursue studies in relational coaching to find work-life balance and help others. Despite being qualified, it took me several clients and nearly two years to determine the specific application of relational coaching I wanted to pursue. Given my enjoyment of business development and mentoring as a senior leader, I opted to focus my coaching efforts on improving my client's professional life, either in leadership or business.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


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